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I Like To See Pogba Playing Deep – Rooney

Paul PogbaManchester United legend, Wayne Rooney has come out to say that Paul Pogba would be incredible if he tried to emulate Frank Lampard on the football pitch.

Rooney recently said that playing deep like the ex Chelsea player would help the Frenchman to attack the ball better when the ball goes wide.

According to him, Pogba would score more goals when he starts doing that often because he has the required athleticism to cope with the demands that comes with such positions.

He added that if Paul develops in that role and remains consistent for a long time, he would be really incredible.

His words, “[A] nightmare is the Frank Lampard type, the midfielder who runs past you,”

“With Frank, when the ball went wide you knew he would be off, sprinting into the box and he was one of those about who Fergie would say: ‘This player is not a one-man job – you have to pass them on.’

“He would say that about some you wouldn’t imagine: Stephen Ireland was one, Jermaine Jenas another, purely because they were willing to run beyond your midfield and with those players, there’s going to be a crossover movement from when your central midfielder is dealing with it to when your centre back is. One lapse of team concentration in that moment and the best – like Lampard – punish you.”

“That’s why I would love to see Paul Pogba playing deeper and attacking the box the moment the ball went wide,”

“He would score more goals and with his good feet, his athleticism, he would be an absolute nightmare. I would use him in that role – it’s one where, if he developed in it, he could be incredible.”


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