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Leicester City Is Ready To Go When The EPL Resumes – Ndidi

Wilfred NdidiLeicester City midfielder, Wilfred Ndidi has come out to say that he is happy to reunite with his teammates at the club training facility.

Ndidi recently revealed that he is happy that the days of staying at home and training alone are over.

According to him, seeing his fellow players has been super amazing and he is glad to find out that they are all okay amid the pandemic.

He added that Leiceter City is ready to do bits when the league resumes, because while it was paused, everyone kept working from home.

His words, “I’m so glad because [after] staying home for so long, training alone, I’m so happy to see the boys, to see everyone in the training ground,”

“It has been amazing because seeing these guys, everyone is okay. So, we’re really happy to be back. I’m really, really happy to see these boys and see the manager and everyone at the club.

“First, we started [training on our own] and then we went into groups of five. So, [in] the groups of five, there was no contact. It’s just some distance, two metres apart.

“Or even more [distance] because you do different drills, you know. So, the good thing is seeing these boys, you get the feeling that everything is coming back, trying to become normal.

“It’s a good feeling. And then the training is getting back and we’re getting used to distancing and training. It has been amazing seeing the boys and giving Bluetooth hugs to everyone!”

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“They’ve really helped me because those plans were just trying to help you stay in shape, trying to keep you fit ahead of what we’re doing now,”

“It really helped me because, psychologically, I’m always ready; ready and just trying to improve myself, you know. So, I’d say it has really helped me.

“Training with the other guys now, you see some guys faster than you, so you try to push and try to catch up because you follow the pace of someone even better than you. You have to give 100 per cent.

“I would say we’re ready because even during the lockdown, everyone was working at home. So, we’re always ready and we’ll just see what comes next.

“We’re just working hard. Everyone is keeping fit, working hard and the mentality is great, so we’ll just see what comes in the coming days.”


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