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Liverpool Must Win The Remaining EPL Games – Klopp

Jurgen KloppJurgen Klopp has come out to talk about how Liverpool must be ready to go all out when the EPL restarts next month.

Klopp recently revealed that he was over the moon to see the players training again because he has been looking forward to it for sometime now.

According to him, the league resumption will be intense for all coaches, clubs and players involved since there are still too many things to play for before the season ends.

He added that Liverpool must win their remaining EPL games while playing the best football possible.

His words on players training again, “I was over the moon, I would say,”

“I couldn’t wait for a while now, so I am really happy that we are able to do this again – going back to Melwood, having small group training and stuff like this.

“It will be intense, for the coaches especially because a lot of players in small groups means a lot of sessions, but we’ve had enough time to rest so we will be fine. Can’t wait.”

“When we start, it goes really again for everything. The competition will make the intensity,”

“So, it’s not about, ‘Oh, Liverpool have to win two games’. By the way, we have to win two games when we start – it’s not ‘only two’, it’s two. It’s not less or more.

“We have to win them, it’s not that we want to win the last two or whatever and come through somehow. We want to play the best possible football, better than other teams fighting for the Champions League, fighting to stay in the league.

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“We have to do it, unfortunately, without the best boost in the world and the best kick in your ass in the right moment in the world, from the Anfield crowd.

“That’s how it is. I never understood in life why you always want things you don’t have, you cannot have. In this moment we cannot have that, so let’s take the rest and make the absolute best of it.”


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