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Dier Is Happy At Tottenham – Mourinho

Eric DierTottenham boss, Jose Mourinho has come out to say that he hopes Eric Dier will sign a new contract soon.

Mourinho recently revealed that he wants the defensive midfielder to sign a new contract because he needs to take the team to a new direction.

According to him, Dier has said he is very happy at the club and he should be happy with the fact that his manager has a certain idea for how he would be used in the team.

He added that how he ends the season is not important, as he is currently focused on improving the football on the pitch for the future.

His words, “My boss Mr Levy tells me that he wants Eric to sign a new contract and Eric tells me that he’s more than happy here, more than happy with his situation, especially now that he feels we have a certain idea for him and the deal.

“And he tells me also that he wants very much to stay.

“So I hope that we can find an agreement because I’m trying to take the team in a certain direction and when I try to develop a player in the team it’s because I’m waiting for a player to stay with us.”

On Spurs, “If you tell me I start the season with zero points like everyone else and at the end of the season I am not in a Champions League spot I would say disappointing,”

“If I put myself in my day one and where the team was and everything that happens I would say I would not be disappointed because the situation was incredible.

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“But we are going to fight until we can, until it is mathematically impossible. One objective is points on the table but we cannot forget that one objective is working for the future, working for next season.

“This is not a waste of time for us. It doesn’t matter how we end the season, to know the players, to work with the players, to make decisions to improve the team step by step in certain areas I think is also very important for us.

“We just want to play and see where we are at the end of the season. When the season finishes we know a couple of weeks later we are starting pre-season for the next season and then is the moment to say everyone has the same points let’s go and fight.”


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