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Petrotechnics’s CEO to Welcome Judith Hackitt CBE at IChemE’s 2014 London Dinner

Aberdeen, 14 May – Petrotechnics, the global leader in transforming frontline operational performance and lowering operational risk, is headline sponsor of the IChemE Annual London Dinner, taking place on 15 May 2014.

As part of continued collaboration with IChemE through a number of events around process safety and operational risk, Petrotechnics is participating in another significant gathering, which will see Sir John Beddington discuss ‘The Key Challenges of the 21st Century’ and how chemical and process engineers can be part of the solution. Also speaking at the event is IChemE president and chair of the UK Health and Safety Executive, Judith Hackitt CBE.

“It’s an honour to be introducing such a well-respected figure to kick off the annual IChemE London dinner. IChemE’s contribution to ensuring the industry keeps safety at the heart of all personal and operations activities is of paramount importance. It is thanks to the efforts of organisations like IChemE that this generation and the next of engineers can focus on the most effective ways of improving safety across industry. More social events like this dinner offer all of us a less formal opportunity to explore, and network with our peers. We all get a chance to share best practice, advance innovative ideas and discoveries as well as the anecdotes that we all encounter in the work place. It’s very welcome that we’re able to support such a safety focussed and forward thinking organisation” said Phil Murray, CEO of Petrotechnics.

Matt Stalker, IChemE Head of Communications, Events and Training said: “We’re very happy to be partnering with Petrotechnics to stage this new event. IChemE works closely with both chemical engineers and the organisations that employ them and we hope this event will go from strength-to-strength in the coming years.”

Petrotechnics has been working with customers in hazardous industries for over 25 years, providing practical solutions to transform and improve frontline performance. Proscient is Petrotechnics’ Operational Performance and Predictive Risk software platform which simplifies the complexities of frontline operations. It transforms how companies manage workload against operational risk in the context of dynamic operations. It allows you to get more of the right work done safely and efficiently to improve asset integrity and keep people safe.

For more information on how Petrotechnics can help organisations better manage Operational Risk and prevent the realisation of major accident hazards please click here: http://www.petrotechnics.com/solutions/lowering-operational-risk

Source: RealWire


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