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Afimobi Pledges More Jobs For Nigerian Offline

afimobiA group of experts at Afimobi Nigeria has created a wireless platform which will create job opportunities and provide more space for Nigerian entrepreneurs through the plethora of fun apps, music, movie, business and digital content hosted on ‘magical fun box’ and designed for Plamplay offline TM.

The mobile and internet tech established in Accra, Lagos, and Nairobi has clearly made the point that it has planned to found an African market built around wireless hub. However, the market will enable their users to download movies, films, apps, pictures. How does this work? It works without expending your mobile data.

Considering the naming of the wireless hub, the firm said the name Palmplay offline TM has offline in it. While the users are busy downloading on the platform, their data will be safe even at a premium content download and enjoyment.

Palmplay has a bandwith that covers a given distance; this will enable users to enjoy a supply of download from the same box with other users who are at different places.


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