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Your Ideal Phone You Have Been Dreaming Of

no battery phoneUse of smartphone has become essential part of life. Apart from high merit of communication use of mobile phone has bridged, its leap in connection on all issues of life has added nothing but reduction on trouble on transport. Now that you have your phone you don’t want to hobnob your bodies among the river of people flowing their ways to Lagos daily. You don’t want to get stuck inside that heavy heat.

In every five persons, you will always find two or three using smartphone and constantly connected to the internet. However, where is the future of smartphone going? Are you dreaming iPhone 7, or iPhone zero, or the latest brand from the major mobile bloc, Apple? You must be; you phone is of major concern in spreading the fast pace of your business. You obviously can wait to hell-task your phone to call your clients itself, browse the internet itself, at just at a directory of command.

Now, the greatest problem you face from your phone is charging. Charging your phone is a time consuming activity. Your obvious flat battery can only but add loss for the little black out. You don’t want to miss the trip! You don’t want to miss the line of conversation! It could be your next way to billions of Dollars!

You just have to worry about the damn battery. Save your time, your ideal phone is on the way. Technology is busy working on that. Sit down and wait, technology is bringing you battery-less smartphone which tasks itself at a tick of reading your thought! Have a phone-filled day!


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