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Italian Clubs Fight For Cesc Fabregas

Lionel Messi and Cesc FábregasCould Cesc Fabregas be coming to Italy? Following a very good 14-15 season with Chelsea, in which he helped the Pensioners lift the Premier League once more, the Spaniard’s time at Stamford Bridge has been a nightmare.

From his bad relationship with Jose Mourinho to his frankly worse performances, the Spanish star has been a shadow of the consistent force of nature Arsenal could boast in their midfield.

Ironically, Mourinho’s departure from Stamford Bridge may well push the Spaniard away, and convince him that he has a better shot at silverware elsewhere. Could this be Serie A?

The Corriere dello Sport writes that many teams are on the case, including Inter Milan and Juventus, who will be looking to make a bid in the summer.

For Roberto Mancini, we’re talking about a long-standing appreciation for the Spaniard, whom he tried to bring to the Etihad back when he was still managing Manchester City.

In Juventus’ case, the club’s improved international standing could help it recruit a fantastic midfield player who is after silverware.

Trouble is, everyone who is anyone will be after the former Arsenal and Barcelona star, including Bundesliga and La Liga clubs. Cesc will cost something like €25 million, and his salary is in the region of €8-10 million a year.


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