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Rihanna Gives Drake Lap Dance In His Hometown

RihannaWhat would Rihanna do without Drake in Toronto, Canada? Absolutly nothing amazing!

The pop star reportedly brought Drake as her special guest on stage at her Toronto concert on April 14 and during their performance for ‘Work’, RiRi was seen grinding on her ex lover’s crotch as fans screamed.

According to so many eyewitnesses, Rihanna showed off her sexy grinding skills all over Drake, and it was downright HOT! Drake also performed one of his new songs live for the first time!

It’s not the first time this pair gets the fans all wild up on stage. Drake’s joined Rihanna at her concerts before, but this was their hottest meet-up yet, reports Hollywood Life. Rihanna twerked on Drake, and he was clearly loving it. “He was totally staring at her butt,” a source tells the site.

After that grinding session, Rihanna walked away and then seductively back towards him as they sang their song. These two have so much chemistry together. It’s insane that they are not dating …yet!