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The Major Problem In Nigeria Is The Lack Of Patriotism

Prince Thomas Abi Jr.
Prince Thomas Abi Jr.

I have watched with utmost dismay the way Nigerians talk about our country. Nigerians do not show patriotism to our nation. We do not speak good about our nation which has led to the endless corruption today in the country. Due to the lack of patriotism, government officials steal and loot from our common patrimony.

Lack of patriotism has not only destroyed our country but it has made Nigeria to lose her value before the international community. We do not trust ourselves and the globally community do not have an iota of respect for us. We must speak with pride and learn to be proud of our nation. We must shun seeing from tribal and ethnic perspective but rather think about the common good our nation.

In the 60’s and 70’s Nigerians had so much respect for our nation. The commonwealth of our country was evenly distributed and it was channelled towards the growth and development of the country. Schools were built, hospitals, roads and the welfare of the Nigerian people were taken care of. But immediately greed, and the quest to make wealth through the back door set in, Nigerians lost trust and patriotism for our nation. Bad leadership and poor governance has led to the failure of patriotism in our nation.

Nigerians are not showing patriotism because nothing is working. Our common wealth has been taken by a few who believe it is their birth-right. And by so doing, it has given rise to corruption in all sectors of the economy. Even the market woman who sells petty goods does not show patriotism because she is paying bills through her nostril.

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Nigerians are suffering, the basic necessity of life is a luxury today in Nigeria. All these has given rise to the endless corruption and lack of loyalty in our nation. Visibly seen, is the Niger Delta boys bombing pipelines as a result of the gross marginalisation on the region. The wealth of Nigeria is generated from the region but the region is grossly underdeveloped. While a few live lavishly from proceeds of oil gotten from the region. Many are languishing in severe poverty.

The leaders of Nigeria must begin to change their mentality and give the Nigerian people true leadership. The people of this great country are in dire need of true governance.

Thank God for the emergence of President Buhari, he is revered as a no nonsense man. A man who is corruptless and bent on putting the country on the right path. A man who many catch the fever at the sight of hearing his name. Nigerians must begin to have the right attitude, the right thinking and the right approach to issues. Leaders of this country must work for the greater good of all and sundry. The common man must show patriotism and commitment to things that affect us as a nation no matter the challenges. It is only when we show patriotism that we would be consolidating as a nation.

Another painful aspect of lack of patriotism in the country is the show of lack of respect for the National Anthem. Nigerians do not show interest in reciting the National Anthem and even squeeze the naira without any iota of respect for the naira. All these came to play as a result of corruption by leaders of this nation.

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Nigerians must begin to have the right approach, the right way of life, and be proud of their country. Nigerian leaders must change their mentality, they must purge themselves of corruption in order for the common man to enjoy the true dividends of democracy. It is only when corruption is purged out that patriotism would come to be in our nation. It is only then that our image in the comity of nations would be redeemed.

Our democracy must be strengthened. Leaders must be committed to national development. Those in position of authority must work for the greater good of every Nigerian. All political groups, religion, and tribes must show commitment to our nation and unite for a greater and prosperous Nigeria.

We can be great again if we show interest to the things that affect us as a people. And shun lack of patriotism and purge ourselves of corruption and lack of patriotism for our nation.

Prince Thomas Abi Jr.
Is a Public Affairs Analyst/Social Commentator


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