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Did Blac Chyna Cheat On Rob Kardashian?


blac chynaThe premiere of Rob and Chyna gets more dramatic with every new release.

In last Sunday’s teaser, heavily pregnant Blac Chyna admits to one of her girlfriends that she’s not so certain about Rob. ‘I don’t even know if I want to stay with Rob’, she admits. ‘Part of me wants to take a paternity test.’

Another scene later shows the reality star with a needle in her arm, appearing to confirm she gets the test in the upcoming episode.

In another scene, the constantly bickering couple get into yet another fight as Chyna yells, ‘Why are you so fucking rude?’ to which he replies, ‘Stop screaming, you psycho!’

Later, big sister Kim, is seen playing hero by giving her soon-to-be sister-in-law some much-needed relationship advise. Mama Jenner also chips in with a word or two on how to keep things stable.

Viewers soon took to Twitter to ask questions about Chyna’s decision to get the paternity test, with one user asking what almost everyone was thinking.

‘If Blac Chyna didn’t cheat… why would she even THINK about taking a paternity test!?!’

Really though, Why is Chyna getting a paternity test? Are there chances Rob is not the baby’s father? You never know with these Kardashians.


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