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Daniel Craig Still Interested In James Bond


daniel-craigIn 2015, Daniel Craig who has been a part of the Bond franchise for 10 years and four films, had said he’d “rather slash his wrists’ than do a fifth Bond film.”

In an interview during The New Yorker Festival, Craig addressed the controversial comments that have followed his return to the screen as the British spy.

According to Craig, he would miss the role greatly if he stopped doing it.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got the best job in the world. I’ll keep doing it as long as I still get a kick out of it,” he said. “If I were to stop doing it, I would miss it terribly.”

According to earlier reports, the actor who earned £48.76m for his last Bond movie, “Spectre,” has been offered $150million by Sony to return for two more Bond movies.

Daniel made his Bond debut in the 2006 “Casino Royale” and went on to star in “Quantum of Solace,” “Skyfall” and “Spectre.”

Actors like Damian Lewis, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston and Michael Fassbender, have been rumoured to replace the actor when and if he quits.

Check out Twitter reactions the last time reports of his departure from franchise surfaced online.


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