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Kelly Hansome Now A Barber?


Kelly-Hansome-600x600The way time and fortune change is quite unpredictable!

A few years ago, musician Kelly Handsome was one of the ‘main thing’ in the music industry and he was seriously playing in the big league especially with his song ‘Maga Don Pay’ making waves, enjoying rotational air play and he was the big masquerade at many events. He was big… and then, he took on MI and the diss war began. MI held on and Kelly went under. Fast forward to 2013: the man who was better known as MI’s beef partner is now a barber in Port Harcourt.

We hear that Kelly has opened a barbing and beauty salon called ‘Whatsup Salon’ and they offer services like nail and eyelash fixing, hair braiding and fixing, make up application, sales of all types of hair, sale of general female accessories etc. A case of when one door is closed, another is opened. Guy, if music does not pay the bills, maybe, just maybe, barbing will. Hmmm… Kelly, how market?


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