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Governor Umahi’s Road Infrastructure Legacies In Ebonyi State

During the 2015 electioneering campaign, one of the promises made by the then governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief David Umahi, which was visibly embedded in the party’s manifesto, was his plan to lift the status of the Abakaliki capital.

Much as it drew cheers from party supporters, many had also wondered if it was just a mere campaign gimmick from a candidate in desperate need of votes.

But it didn’t take too long after his swearing-in that residents began to see that they were not being taken for a ride. The people’s leader, indeed, wasted no time in matching words with actions.

Therefore, the period between July till date, according to observers, is seen as a significant milestone in Ebonyi. Within this period, several streets and locations across the state were agog with activities. For most of the residents, it was a historic moment they had long been waiting for.

Surely, residents of Abakaliki metropolis will not forget in a hurry the hardship they had to endure for years driving through the famous “dust” of the nation. Everyone has similar sad tales to tell. Protracted potholes in the midst of it all.

A year down the road, the facts of Umahi’s stewardship are there for all to see. The engineer signalled his intention to turn things around and he did. Hardly will you see a road in Abakaliki now,without a new touch.

Ebonyi State’s peculiar topography,population and general environmental characteristics make the task of making all roads motorable a daunting one. But this proved no match for Dave the conquerer.

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The most glaring achievement you observe while visiting the state today is that for the first time in living memory the dust symbol of Abakaliki has vanished.

A year and and half into his administration, the people of Ebonyi must be nodding their head in contentment. In a country where recession has posed the greatest challenge to leadership, Umahi’s widely acclaimed great performance in the past few months has firmly validated the governor as a great leader who is not only concerned about the present but keeps an eagle eye on the future. His approach to governance leaves nothing out of a world class economic specialist.

On assumption of administration, Umahi boarded on a huge infrastructure renewal of Abakaliki metropolis. The main focus formed the key city roads. There was great reconstruction work going on simultaneously almost all over the state. The result was that within the first one year of his term, Abakaliki metropolis wears a new look of modernity.

The Ebonyi State Government, under the administration of Chief Umahi, has displayed an uncommon zeal and determination to confront the need to create access roads for its people. Towards this end a large chunk of the state’s resources have been channeled towards reconstruction and maintenance of a network of roads in both the state capital and the entire state, at large.

A number of road constructions,rehabilitation and expansion projects are currently on-going simultaneously in the State for the twin objectives of beautifying urban areas and providing access to the rural agrarian communities of the State. At the moment, the roads completed by the administration include the following:

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Water works road, Ogoja-Onuebonyi-Rice Mill Road, Gunning road, Afikpo road, New market road, Nkaliki-EBBC-EBHA Abakaliki LGA road and Hosana park.

Others include Hossana street, Jos, Nwodo, Mbieri, Awolowo, Nsugbe andUga streets, as well as Ezza road.

The list also include Udensi round about – Mile 50, Adig Street road/Echiegu street, Golf roundabout, Quarry road, Hausa Quarters,Onwe road, Vanco junction to Government House, Convent road, Udemezue street, Arondizogu street, Nkwogu street, Ziks Avenue, Udensi bridge,Ukwansi street, Obiora street, Nwike street, Government House, New Layout and St Mulumba road.

Also part of the success story are Police headquarters internal road,Osborn la-palm-Ogbaga road, Ezza Ezekuna Hall road, Ohafia street,Justice Ngwuta road and Ofoke-Oda/O’Connell street and so on.

The Governor mustered the political will out of love and the zeal to leave lasting legacies when he embarked on the construction of 3gigantic flyover Projects at the Akanu Ibiam round about, international market and Presco junction.

For on-going projects, there are the Haraca-Oshim Igbele street, Obistreet, Watchman street, Ibe/ Obodoukwu street, Eze & Bros- OrokeOnuoha road, Eckankar street and Aguogboriga layout.

The state government is also working on the Emefor street, Agbaja road, Ugo Dan street, Ezeadikwa street,including Mbam-Agbo street from G hostel and the extension. Similarly, Okeke street, Nsukka street, Ukpo street, Uke street, Ugwuoba street,Onoogolu street, Isuoffia street, Igbokwe street, Nnewi street, and Mbanefo street roads have all attained 50 percent completion.


The list is endless.

Akubaraoha is indeed working.

By Obasi Nweze


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