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Kim Kardashian’s $4million Diamond Ring Gone For Good?

Kim Kardashian has reportedly been told that her $4million diamond ring is unlikely to reappear.

The diamond ring given to her by Kanye West has probably been shipped straight to Antwerp’s diamond district in Belgium after robbers took it from her Parisian apartment.

The prosecutor’s office said this week that the jewels had not been retrieved.

Five people disguised as police arrived at the apartment hotel where Kardashian West was staying during Paris Fashion Week in October, and stole valuables including a ring valued at 4 million euros and a jewellery box valued at 5 million euros.

Kardashian West, who had made much of her wealth with self promotion, was unusually silent on social media in the months following the robbery.

On January 3, she posted her first photographs on Twitter and Instagram, but has not publicly commented on the incident.

Searches have turned up 200,000 euros in cash, but none of the other jewels have been recovered, investigators say.

The 9.0-million-euro haul was the biggest from an individual in France in two decades.

It also generated more unwanted publicity for Paris, which has seen its image damaged by major terror attacks in 2015 and last year. Luxury hotel bookings and foreign tourist arrivals in France are both down.

The biggest French jewellery heist ever occurred in July 2013, when robbers attacked an exhibition of “Extraordinary Diamonds” at the Carlton hotel in Cannes and made off with an estimated 103 million euros in jewels.

Kardashian, the world’s highest paid reality television star, harnessed the power of social media to rise to fame, with nearly 50 million followers on Twitter and 90 million on Instagram.

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