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I Have Never Raised My Hands Against Tonto Dikeh – Oladunni Churchill

Tonto showed several scars during the interview that she said you inflicted on her, what do you have to say to that?
There’s nothing like that, the only scar I’m aware about was the one on her leg. In my mum’s house, she was breaking stuffs and it got to a point that she was coming towards me, her best friend was trying to hold her back, her male best friend. It was like she was crazy, she already broke down everything: television, kitchen utensils, and dispenser. I was in shock because she has done this in my house up to four times and in seven to eight months I’ve lost over 66 million naira, but this was my mum’s house. As her best friend was trying to hold her down, her best friend is the one that gets her cloths. In fact he was crying and saying ‘ Tonto stop, what are you doing’, she just put her leg into the glass by the staircase and that’s how she got the injury. I have a video here, that’s where she got the cut from, anything apart from that is not real. (Shows the video to the interviewer) I’m a philanthropist, I’m against domestic violence, I have never raised my hands against any woman and I will never.

onto stated that she lost her four months pregnancy due to the abuse by you?
There was no time, I met her six months before she conceived, then she was pregnant for another four months before she travelled, she got back and she’s been breastfeeding and she just stopped breastfeeding like three weeks ago so where’s the pregnancy from? I don’t understand. This woman told me earlier that she’s going to get everything to bring me down, because she has a foundation and I have a foundation too. Other things are involved but she’s been trying everything. I have somebody in her campaign that gives me all the updates. Even how she made all the scars in her body, she called somebody to makeup the scars. The only thing that happened to Tonto was the scars she got from my mother’s house. So I’m not a woman beater, I’ve never done that in my life and I will never beat any woman. I can never do that, but she’s trying everything hard because she knows the kind of person I am. She knows I have big plans for the future so she’s trying everything. I’m not an actor, I cannot act, I cannot cry. Her interview was like 95 percent lies; the only truth there was ‘I love my husband’. About sexual transmitted disease, I don’t even know, not in this millennium. The last time I had STD was in secondary school. At this stage of my life, STD is not possible. She’s just trying everything, I don’t know what she wants but I think she’s trying to stay out of marriage. I was not even around when she moved from my house, she came with two trucks, she moved everything and then she said that she left the house without nothing. She moved all her things, it was planned, she got another house and till date, I don’t know where she moved to. I tried to reach her even before King’s birthday but she didn’t give me access. Even till date, her family and my family tried to reconcile us for about 9 times. The ninth time was just ten days ago, and she always pretend as if we are cool but as soon as they leave, she blocks me and blocks my number so I don’t know what she wants. (Shows the interviewer the reconciliation video)


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