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Most EPL Clubs In Favour Of Closing Transfer Window Early – Karren Brady

RashidiWest Ham vice chairman Karren Brady has said that the majority of Premier League clubs support the closing the transfer window before the start of the season.

Reports have it that Manchester United are one of the few clubs who have reservations, with Watford likely opposing it, with concerns over the edge it gives to European clubs who will continue to work to the end-of-August deadline and would still be able to sign players from English clubs.

“We’d started debating this around March 2017 at the Premier League and 17 clubs were broadly in favour of the window being closed,” Brady said. “I think the main issue is that it protects the integrity of the squad, you know where you are, you have to get on with it and the players know that.

“It’s mainly for the club, fans and manager to know: this is who we’ve got, this is the squad, these are the numbers, on we go. I think in reality you already know what positions you need, how you’re going to spend [early on] and there’s also the January window.

“I think to close the window early, for the integrity of the league, is the right decision.”

Most Premier League bosses have voiced their support for the idea when asked in news conferences this week.


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