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The Transfer Window Should Close Early In Every League – Jose Mourinho


mourinhobigJose Mourinho insists he is still in support of ending the transfer window ahead of next season despite Manchester United’s decision to vote against it.

United were one of five clubs that refused the summer transfer window closing before the start of the 2018-19 season.

Mourinho said: “My thoughts are by the coach’s point of view, Jose Mourinho as the head coach of Man United, and obviously I am in favour of that because if I focus just on the training process.

“Of course, I want to arrive, day one, I want to have my squad, my players, I want to work and travel with them in preseason, I don’t want to be waiting for late decisions.”

“There is another perspective, where I can also include myself because I am more than just the head coach, that I have to share the problems the board has. When the decision is not uniform around Europe and all the championships, we are opening a disadvantage for the English clubs. That was the reason why Manchester United voted against, because there is another element.

“The market will be closed for us and is open for others and they can come to the English clubs, buy players, and they can leave English clubs without the possibility of a big action, so it’s another element of weakness.

“Manchester United I hope are strong and powerful enough, we also close our doors and say the offer doesn’t matter, we close the market for buying, for selling, I expect my club to be acting that way but there are other English clubs that will be in risk.

“I hope it goes to the perfect situation, to close for every championship and not just the Premier League.”

After missing out on the fourth signing he wanted, the United coach admitted there is still a “weakness” in his squad.

He added: “It was not a perfect market because perfect is when you architect the moves and it goes 100 percent in your direction, which is really difficult to happen with everyone but I cannot call it perfect, I still feel a weakness in the globality in my squad.

“It was a good market, we were successful, we did it in the right timing, if you do that after Neymar the numbers change for everybody so I think we were quite happy.”


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