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I Won’t Be Discussing Contract With West Ham – David Moyes

David MoyesDavid Moyes do not intend to discuss a new contract at West Ham until the end of the season.

Moyes has already guided West Ham out of the relegation zone following last weekend’s 3-0 victory at Stoke.

Yet he revealed no contract talks are planned with the club owners regardless of how well, or otherwise, the season progresses.

“No. I’m happy,” he said. “I won’t be talking about it with the club, or anybody, until the end of the season, when we’re up, or down, or wherever.

“That’s me saying it, not the club. I won’t have any discussion until the end of the season.

“I want to prove what I can do, to show what I can do, I want to see if I’m a fit for the club and if the club think I’m a fit for them as well.

“The way football is now, I’m not interested in having a three or four-year contract any more.

“I think it would be good for football clubs and maybe West Ham to have managers for three or four years, and in the main the owners have tried to do that.

“But for me, personally, it tends to be a shorter brief now for managers. What did I sign at Manchester United, four years? And it ended up being 10 months.”


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