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Getting all the Facts:  Knowing What is Important to Your Accident Case is Essential

You’ve been in a car accident and now either you’re being sued or you are suing the person who hit you. While the proceedings are very different depending on which side you are on, the evidence that you need is largely the same in either case. Evidence is essential in an accident case because it shows who was involved, what happened and who should be at fault. There is likely a good amount of facts and documents to go through, so this will show you which facts are most important to your case.

Police Report

This might sound like common sense, but some people forget to get this crucial document. It’s always a good idea to get the police involved when you have an accident so that they can generate a report. The report will show who was involved in the accident, what happened and will show the officer’s opinion on how the accident occurred according to those involved.

Without a police report, the case quickly becomes your word versus the other person’s word.

Medical Reports

Medical reports may not be available depending on how the accident happened and if anyone got injured. If someone was injured in the case, then you would definitely want to secure those medical documents. They will show the nature and seriousness of the injury. This could be used for compensation of medical costs and it will show how serious the accident truly was. One party might claim that the accident was horrific, but their medical report may only show some minor scrapes and bruises that don’t go along with their recollection of the accident.

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Damages and Receipts

A major accident can alter your life, that’s why you must be preparing your car accident case with the best attorneys. They can not only help you assess the true amount of your damages, but they will help you get some or all of those losses back if you win the case. This can involve lost wages from work, medical expenses, property damage and much more.

Many people forget to keep track of how much money they have spent as a result of the accident. Organizing the costs will make it much easier to present them during the case, and it will show the judge exactly how much you have lost and spent out of pocket.


Sometimes there will still be gaps even if you have all of the documents and facts in order. The other party might claim damages or events that the facts cannot easily explain away, or there might be extenuating circumstances not recorded in the reports.

In this case, having a witness appear might be the right thing to clear up any confusion. They can explain how the events occurred from their point of view. Try to identify any witnesses if possible and see if they are willing to testify. This could help sway things in your favor.

Before the Accident

What happened before the accident could be just as important as what happened during and after. For example, if a trucker hit you, then see if you can find evidence of driver fatigue or other distractions. Finding evidence that the other driver was negligent or distracted could help your case.

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A car accident can change your life regardless of whether you’re the one who was hit or the one who hit the other driver. Getting all of the facts can help you win damages or minimize legal troubles. These facts are essential to your case and should be collected as quickly as possible to help your case go in the right direction.


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