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OJB’s Two-Year Remembrance Must Be Celebrated Well – Korede Okungbowa

ojbThe third wife of late OJB Jezreel, Korede Okungbowa, is calling on the late producer’s colleagues to help her celebrate his second memorial.

She shared this in a three-minute video via her Facebook page, urging celebrities to help his family organize a seminar in his remembrance.

“I am making this video to call out some certain people to see what we can do about OJB’s two-year remembrance.

“Last year I tried to hold an OJB legacy seminar in memory of him, to retain his legacy and appreciate the life he has lived as a producer and artiste, a father, brother and lover of all, thank God it was a success with the little help I could get from friends and family.”

Korede, however, noted that this year, she has found the planning overwhelming.

“So I want to use this medium to contact anybody who knows that Ojb has done something for them while he was alive and there is something that can be done while there is still time…

“Please, you know yourselves…I’m not going to mention your names..if you feel concerned to do something about OJB’s two-year remembrance, please do. Call us the family, let’s do something about it,” she said


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