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An Hostel Mate Stole My Provision In Boarding School – Bovi

bovi daughter birthdayBovi is still bitter over the guy who stole from him back in secondary school and he has a message for him.

The super talented comedian took to his Instagram page on Sunday, July 29, 2018, where he shared his bitter experience with the hostel mate who stole from him.

“To that my hostel mate that stole my provision in boarding house when I was in SS1. It’s been 24 years now. I still haven’t forgotten. (My pack of St. Louis Sugar and new can of peak milk). I saved those two through hunger pangs and days and weeks and months of starvation. I wanted to enjoy my last week in school and you robbed me of those rare pleasures.

“Know that I woke up today and remembered and I took off my clothes to commit that crime you did me to the hands of the spiritual. I don’t know you but you know yourself. I consider it as one of the worlds unsolved crimes. Your day of reckoning will surely come. You will see milk and sugar in abundance but you will not be able to drink it. Amen,” he concluded.

Well if your mind is presently prickling you because this description best suits you, let’s just you have to improve your prayer life. Anyways we all know Bovi is one celebrity who writes a lot of epistles on his Instagram and most times they interesting and hilarious.


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