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Being A Single Mother Is Tough – Uche Ogbodo

Uche OgbodoUche Ogbodo has described her divorced status as being sad while stating that being a single-mother makes her cry.

She said, “It hasn’t been easy raising my daughter alone, I never ever wished I’d be a single mother because I am a family person and I am someone that has always loved marriage and raising a family. It’s sad for me; sometimes I cry over it because it is not easy raising my child alone. There were times when my daughter asked me about her father and I don’t know what to tell her.”

Ogbodo further said as hard as it is dealing with her divorced state, the birth of her daughter had made her stronger.

“It is one of the hardest things I have had to deal with emotionally and psychologically but it has made me stronger. I think it is my destiny to have her; God used her to open another chapter of my life. She is a very strong motivation to who I am now.”


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