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My Fans Should Buy My Music – AKA

South African rapper AKA has called out his million of followers on social media platform, Twitter for what he deems as lack of support for his music.

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, better known as AKA is one of the leading names in South African hip-hop, but outside his music, the rapper is also well known for his frequent outbursts on social media and this time, he is coming for his fans.

In a tweet posted on his official account (@akaworldwide), the rapper who has over 3.35M followers and recently released his new album, Touch My Blood, accused his fans of not buying his music.

”3.3 MILLION FOLLOWERS AND IT TAKES ME WEEKS TO GET TO 40/50k sales …. WHERE YALL AT?!?! WHAT ARE YALL DOING?!?! ….. I’d rather have 50k hardcore fans than have 3.2 million fake ones,” he tweeted.


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