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Sometimes There Is Absolutely Nobody To Go To – Wale

waleGuys, it looks like Wale might be falling into depression again as he breaks down on Instagram saying he can’t explain the pains he is going through.

The US-based rapper made this known via his Instagram and Twitter pages on Sunday, September 7th and 9th 2018 respectively. According to him, he is going through a lot and can’t even deal no more with people who just want to take photos with him and care less about his well being.

“The people i “vent” to just “damn man” me to death. I can’t go to the airport without getting faded cuz tbh I’m tired of taking photos with pple who don’t care about nothin but gettin a few extra likes for meeting a “famous” person every year that passes the lonelier it gets.

“I can’t explain this pain. Sometimes there is absolutely NOBODY to go to. NO matter how much they love you. You have no one. NO one is more alone than the person that’s the focal point,” he wrote. It didn’t end there, Wale took to his Twitter page where he also tweeted about his feelings and trust us guys, he isn’t really in a good state of mind.

“When there is nobody that can truly be there for you even if they truly want to.. life is the hardest,” he tweeted.


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