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I Have Never Been A Fan Of R. Kelly – Damon Dash

R Kelly Marching BandNick Canon has started controversy when Damon Dash appeared on his YouTube show and was questioned over his knowledge of R. Kelly, as well as other popular artists who are rumored to have a questionable past.

Cannon released teaser footage of his interview with Dash, and gets right into the nitty gritty when he asks, “At what age was Foxy Brown signed?”

Dash immediately gets defensive, claiming, “I wasn’t paying attention to Foxy Brown … I didn’t sign Foxy Brown.”

Cannon then said he thought Foxy was 16-years-old when she was signed by Jay-Z, and Dash challenged “The Masked Singer” host to speak and clear his mind.

Cannon reveals, “I thought there was something between Foxy and Jay,” echoing a longstanding rumor that Hova actually took Foxy’s virginity when she was underage.

Foxy has denied the allegations, and Jay has never spoken on the situation, but Dash makes it clear, “It sounds like you got a question for Jay … ask him.”

The two then got into the R. Kelly controversy, and Dash stated the fact he has never been a fan of the singer, but admitted that he pretended to not notice when Kelly worked with his friends and business partners.


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