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Tinubu Must Break Down His Role In Buhari’s Presidential Campaign Council – PPCO

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TinubuThe Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organization (PPCO) has challenged the Co-Chairman of the APC Presidential Campaign Council, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to break down his role in the Buhari Presidency cabal, through which President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration dismantled Nigeria’s economy.

It also dared Bola Tinubu to give feedbacks to allegations that he agreed to leading the Buhari ill-fated re-election bid following threats by agents of the Buhari Presidency to reveal his dirty secrets and nail him for corruption allegations and not because he has keyed into the propriety of President Buhari’s re-election.

Their statement read, “It is very unfortunate that at the time Nigerians, across the board, are boldly jettisoning their personal interests and joining in the quest to rescue our nation from President Buhari’s incompetent, corrupt, divisive and anti-people regime, a leader of Asiwaju’s status is chasing personal interests and self-preservation.

Nigerians can recall how Asiwaju in January 2018, at the 15th Annual Daily Trust Dialogue rejected the Buhari administration’s nepotism, incompetence, corrupt oil subsidy regime; blamed it for the high-level of poverty in our country and urged Nigerians to be guided by their conscience in electing leaders in the 2019 general elections. Berating the Buhari administration, Asiwaju held that “too much political and economic power resides in the hands of too few.

This result in a society described by too much unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, too little food, yet too much poverty”.

Asiwaju had also rightly posited that, under President Buhari, “rather than becoming a joyous nation, Nigeria has become a cruel playground where the fears and concerns of the average person get exploited but their interests never get promoted.”

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He then concluded by urging Nigerians to follow their conscience in the 2019 elections by resisting “unthinking passions and old prejudices”, which is the hallmark of President Buhari’s re-election campaign.”


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