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Madonna Talks About Safe Sex

MadonnaMadonna just released a short, fun jam ahead of her upcoming album.

The singer recenly took to social media to share a 37-second video with the new music.

Her words: ‘So excited to share my new music with the world. But until then a little bit of F U N! On my favorite guitar!’

She also used the hashtags ‘gloves’, ‘safe sex’, ‘music’, ‘magic’ and ‘guild’.

In the short snippet, the lyrics that was heard was: ‘You said you can’t play guitar with your gloves on… it’s kind of like having sex with a condom. Not as much fun [but] better than nothing.’

No one is aware fof any major clue as regards the name we should expect for the album, when it should most likely get released drop or the genre of music we should lok forward to.

But the singer herself is hinting something, as she continuously used the word ‘magic’ in tweets since September, making many assume that is the title.

Madonna’s last album Rebel Heart dropped in 2015.


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