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NFL Game Previews: Super Bowl Matchup

NFL Games - Super Bowl Matchup
NFL Games – Super Bowl Matchup

The playoffs for the NFL are approaching, and four of the remaining eight teams will soon be eliminated. The matches between these teams will be thrilling to watch, as the teams aim to secure a spot in the upcoming conference championships. The lucky fans whose teams survived the 16 games of the regular season have already booked tickets for the upcoming playoffs. Now that eight teams are remaining, it means that there is a possibility to have a total of 16 super bowl games within the year. While some of these matches will be more exciting than others, it will be thrilling to watch the physical battles between players, along with the coaches’ tactical plans for the impending matches. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, here is what we should expect.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts

While the quarterback matchup of Patrick Mahomes and Andrew Luck is what most people are talking about, Marlon Mack will be the difference in this game, in my opinion. Starting from week 15, his performances have been exemplary. He has managed to chip in with big numbers, even against defenses like Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texas. The Chiefs will not be an exception. When it comes to the offensive phase, the Chiefs have been the best. Their woeful defense is what will most likely cost them the victory in this game. The Chiefs are entering the game ranked 31 when it comes to run defense. They will be up against Mack, who has managed to average 5 yards per carry since mid-December. Both players will lock muscles in this exciting clash, but most likely the Colts will emerge as the winners. To be like these players, you can build your muscles by complementing your training with anabolic steroids from sites like 120kgs.com.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

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This is also another match where the ground will be dominated, as Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliot meet head-to-head. The Cowboys will be using Dak Prescott to pass the ball to Elliot, and the big man will do the rest. The fact that the Rams have been ranked as the worst team defensively, we will be expecting to see Ezekiel rushing up to 200 yards. On the other hand, the Rams are lucky to have Gurley, who so far has been the leading player in the NFL in terms of making first-down rushes. This time around, he will be up against Jaylen Smith and Leighton Van der Esch, who are the best players when it comes to defending first downs. We expect to see a very high score in this game, and the Cowboys may narrowly emerge as winners.

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots have not lost a match at home this year. At the same time, Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers has not managed to beat Tom Brady in seven attempts. As much as there is a first time for everything, it is safe to assume that the Patriots will comfortably emerge as winners. However, the Patriots have to watch out for the Chargers’ pro bowlers duo, Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen, who will be terrorizing the Patriots’ defense. Overall, it will be a tight game, but once again Tom Brady may emerge as the winner.


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