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If Lampard Had No Chelsea Connection, They Won’t Go For Him – Craig Burley

zlampardbqbAfter reports that Frank Lampard is set to be named Chelsea manager, popular pundit, Craig Burley has revealed that such a move would be “derided and be ridiculous” if the manager did not have any history with the London club.

After spending 13 years with the Blues as a player, the ex-England international is seen as an ideal candidate for a high-profile post.

Craig said, “It’s amazing if you compare two guys going into big clubs, [Ole Gunnar] Solskjaer and Lampard, they’re both level-headed, intelligent, experienced football guys.

“But the perception is incredible among the supporters, it almost clouds the bigger picture and blindfolds them.

“If Solskjaer and Lampard, particularly Frank Lampard – if he had no Chelsea connection and had one year’s managerial experience at Derby County, this would be derided.

“Ultimately Derby failed but it was a more-than-decent first season. But if there was no connection for that football club, this appointment would be derided and would be ridiculous.

“It’s a crazy notion that a lot of fans seem to have that because a guy played for a club, he understands the club.”

“If my memory serves me right with Guardiola, there was problems at Barcelona when he stepped up from coaching within the system.

“But there was a whole bunch of players that were ready or just about to come through including one of the two greatest players of our generation [in Lionel Messi].

“That analogy and analysis that a lot of people throw out, particularly when the Solskjaer appointment was made, is just not going to stand up to scrutiny.

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“To say, ‘Frank Lampard’s our guy.’ I find it a tough one to sell, I really do.”


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