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Klopp Is A Special Guy – Frank Zollner

Jurgen KloppEx Borussia Dortmund physiotherapist, Frank Zollner has come out to admit that Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp can get very crazy sometimes.

Frank, however, revealed that Klopp has always been man enough to apologize to people if he went too far.

According to him, Klopp is very special and will always have his moments in football when his ego will get the best of him since the game is very intense.

He added that during their time together at Borussia Dortmund, the German boss acted like an egocentric a few times even if he does his best to make amends later.

His words, “He’s a special guy,”

“There were so many days when you’d think: ‘Great guy!’, but sometimes you’d think: ‘What an egocentric!’.

“One time, Jakub Blaszczykowski called me when he was coming back from the [Polish] national team. He said he couldn’t train because of a muscle injury but would still come to the team meeting.

“Before the meeting, I went to Klopp with Kuba (Blaszczykowski) and told him what was going on. He then went pretty crazy, probably because he had only just learned about Kuba’s injury at that moment.

“Zeljko Buvac (Klopp’s former assistant) would often appear at such moments and say: ‘Kloppo, smoke a cigarette now and calm down!’. He was one of the best assistant coaches I’ve ever worked under. But Kloppo had the balls to apologise when the way he treated someone was too much.”

On why he left BvB, “From about 2008 I finally realised that something had to change. Once I came home and met my crying daughter. Her boyfriend had apparently split up with her – and I didn’t even know she had one!

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“[It was also because of] the episodes such as those mentioned under Kloppo, who would sometimes call spontaneous meetings in the evening so that the end of the working day was delayed and it was no longer possible to contact the family in advance to let them know. At some point the children hardly wanted to talk to me anymore. I said: ‘now it’s over’.”


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