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Klopp Is An Incredibly Passionate Man – Charlie Adam

Jurgen KloppLiverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp and Kenny Dalglish are very identical when it comes to maintaining a good relationship with players, Charlie Adam has said.

Charlie recently revealed that he is happy with the passion and the professionalism shown by Klopp and it is quite similar to what was displayed by Daglish when he signed for Liverpool.

According to him, they are both very liked and it is definitely because they are very open to the players around them on and off the pitch.

He added that even if he has never worked with Klopp, he can see from the sidelines that the German is an incredibly passionate coach who does his job as a manager in an amazing manner.

His words, “Both seem to be very well liked, very open to the players, they seem to embrace the players a lot,”

“I don’t know Jurgen to work with, but what I see from the outside is he’s an incredibly passionate man and his work ethic is amazing.

“The people I speak to at the club say he’s there early in the morning, gets his work done and he goes home and he just keeps it simple.

“He’s got great players but you have to organise them and set a way and a discipline of how to play and he seems to have done that and he’s getting results from it.

“Somebody that embraces you, shows you passion and a bit of love is what every player wants and he’s phenomenal.

“He’s got great players around him and he seems to have got the best solutions for Liverpool at the moment.”