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My Mother Didn’t Realize I Was A Gift When She Gave Birth To Me – Lolo 1

Lolo 1Popular media personality, Lolo 1 is 43 today.

To mark her special day, the Nollywood actress decided to jump on social media to share a personal story about her birth.

According to Lolo, her mum gave birth to her nine years after her elder sister was born even if she wanted a male child and felt the long delay will make her wish come true.

She added that she is happy that her mother did not die of high blood pressure when she found out she birthed another girl because now he knows that her daughter is nothing but a gift handed out by God.

Her words, “I am thankful she didn’t die of high blood pressure of the knowledge of her 4th baby girl. Fast forward to 43 years after…she couldn’t be prouder of the gift she was handed by God,”

“This is your black, beautiful baby girl saying thank you ……chapter 43 fully loaded.”


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