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Ndombele Just Needs To Play Back-To-Back – Darren Bent

Tanguy NdombeleTanguy Ndombele is obviously struggling to find his feet at Tottenham, Darren Bent has said.

Bent believes the Frenchman would be better suited at Barcelona because his midfield talents will thrive in the La Liga team.

According to him, Ndombele is obviously a good player but something has been off about his game since he joined Spurs and this is hampering his talents.

He added that Ndombele just needs games back-to-back and he will stop fading in and out of games.

His words, “I think Ndombele is a very good player but clearly something’s not right there,”

“He’s a top player but he needs to be able to play back-to-back. For whatever reason he doesn’t seem fit enough, he fades in and out of games, he just doesn’t have the impact on games that I’m sure Spurs fans were expecting.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if someone like Barcelona came in because a team like Barcelona always has possession of the ball, it’s not as frantic as the Premier League and he has got the ability.

“On the ball, he’s powerful, he can go past people, he can dribble – there’s so much he can do but for whatever reason at Spurs, he cannot find his feet. I remember my first season at Spurs, I really struggled to find my feet but mine came from not playing enough games.”


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