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Pogba’s Only Crime Is Being On Social Media – Ferdinand

Paul PogbaManchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand has come out to say that Paul Pogba should not be criticized for being different.

Rio recently revealed that the Frenchman has been at the top in terms of passing, chances created, assists, ball retention since he signed for Mufc, making him the catalyst that pushes the team to victories during games.

According to him, no one should blast him because of his personality because the current generation of players is different to what the football world used to have.

He added that Pogba does not drink, smoke or live a risky lifestyle and his only crime is being on social media.

His words, “A lot of it is from social media – a lot of what they say stems from his social media presence and a lot of those guys are old school,”

“[Ex-pros] want people to follow suit of those before them, they want people to be serious about the game, not broadcasting stuff on social media. He’s injured, going to a wedding and dancing, in the changing room and dancing – this is Pogba, that’s his life, the way he is.

“You can’t beat him with a stick because that’s his personality, he’s different. This generation of player is different to my generation and even more different to the likes of Keane and Souness. The landscape has changed so much that we can’t expect them to behave the way we did.

“Pogba doesn’t drink, he’s not a nightclub merchant, but he goes on social media. What’s worse? Because the people we were talking about before, like myself, would be in a nightclub, or drinking at times, but he doesn’t do that.

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“But he’s still being vilified for being present, happy. And that’s a big thing – he’s being happy while injured. I don’t agree with that [criticism] – mental health is a big issue, if you can’t be yourself in your downtime while injured… What do people expect? You to sit around and be depressed?

“To keep on absolutely pounding him with blame and bringing his name into the conversation right now in such a negative way. He’s played seven [Premier League] games this season, and he’s the focal point as to why United aren’t doing so well. How does that happen, how is he to blame?”

“I’ve said on multiple occasions, he’s a very honest guy and he will have expected more in himself,”

“But when you actually look at his stats in the squad in the last four seasons played, he’s at the top in terms of passing, chances created, assists, ball retention – he’s the catalyst pushing the team on when fully fit.

“Has he been the Pogba we come to expect on a consistent basis when he’s a £90m transfer? I’d argue he probably hasn’t been as consistent as you’d like, but this has been a squad in absolute transition and has had multiple managers.

“If you spend £90m in a certain part of your business, you’d probably make that the jewel in your crown, but I don’t think that’s happened with Pogba.”


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