Home Crime News Just In: Nigerian Police Arrests 30 #RevolutionNow Protesters

Just In: Nigerian Police Arrests 30 #RevolutionNow Protesters


The arena where the #RevolutionNow protesters are demanding an end to bad governance and leadership amongst the government of Nigeria has been raided by Nigerian police officers to arrest protesters.

Numerically, the police have detained about thirty (30) people. Agba Jalingo, one of the core protesters, referring to the protest said,” We’re tired of Buhari, the Nigerian President and we want to tell the whole world that we’re tired. We are here to show them, even with all the police mobilization, our determination to challenge this administration.

We will not be scared of them. Irrespective of what they do, we will object. Nigerians are tired of carrying the burden that Buhari keeps throwing at us, the fuel price hike must be reversed, the ASUU strike must stop, no more VAT.


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