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Barcelona Might Not Make Top Four This Season – Rivaldo


RivaldoBarcelona must drastically improve under Ronald Koeman if they want to save their season, Rivaldo has said.

He recently revealed that the club are presently far off the quality required to challenge for the European title this term.

According to him, if Barca are not careful, they might even miss out on next season’s UCL competition, so things must change for the better soon.

He added that the team is not playing well at all, and things could get uglier in weeks to come.

His words, “For now, I’m not seeing Barcelona producing enough football to fight for the Champions League title this season, but things can change if they manage to knockout a strong opponent in the last-16 as it would boost their confidence,”

“Many are starting to doubt whether Barca can claim a top four spot at La Liga in order to take part in the Champions League next season.

“If they keep under-performing then that is a real possibility. The team isn’t playing well, and things are getting uglier.

“It’s crucial that they wake up as soon as possible and get back to producing good performances and results.”

“At the end of Juventus match, Antoine Griezmann didn’t find many excuses for their loss and blamed all the group for their lack of attitude on the pitch. I think he was right on his claims.

“You must be fully committed when playing in a Barcelona shirt – full of history and glory – but that isn’t happening now, which I consider unacceptable. It’s not normal to watch Barcelona losing 0-3 at home in an important match.”


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