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WHO Provides Awareness On Primary Cause Of Cervical Cancer


The World Health Organization has created an awarenesses about cervical cancer. According to the World Health Organization, cervical cancer is a cancer that arises from the cervix due to the abnormal growth of cells spread to other part of the body.

Cervical cancer

Even though cervical cancer disease is largely presentable, it is however one of the prominent causes of cancer death in women globally with cervical cancer deaths common in low to middle income countries.

The primary cause of cervical cancer is chronic infection with the “HumanPapiloma Virus (HPV), which is very common in adolescents after the first act of sexual intercourse.

The HumanPapiloma Virus type is subject to it’s oncogenicity while people who are living with the Human Immune Virus (HIV), are more likely to develop persistent HumanPapiloma Virus (HPV) infection, and a rapid growth to pre-cancer and cancer.

The cervical cancer can also be caused by co-infection with other sexually transmitted agents such as herpes, simplex etc.

Another responsible factor is the number of birth rates in a woman, young age at first child or smoking.


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