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Chiellini Should Be Man Enough To Say Things To My Face – Balotelli


Mario BalotelliFelipe Melo and Mario Balotelli have responded to Giorgio Chiellini after the Juventus defender said harsh things about them in a recent interview.

Melo recently came out to say that he never disrespected anyone while he played for Italy like Chiellini claimed so he has no idea what he is talking about.

According to Melo, henceforth, he has lost respect for the Juve CB who is only bitter because he won everything at Inter Milan.

Balotelli added that Chiellini should be man enough to say things to people’s faces, not behind their backs and several years later.

Melo said, “First of all, it would be interesting to know which episodes he is referring to,”

“When I was in Turin, I never disrespected anyone: my team-mates, the managers, Juventus in general.

“At this point, however, I have no respect for him and I never will.

“He says that Balotelli is to be slapped and that I am the worst of the worst because he always risked a fight because of me?

“Well, he always p*ssed himself with fear. Sorry, but it’s too easy to speak ill of others with a book.

“Maybe ‘this defender’ is still mad at me because when I went to Galatasaray, we slapped them out of the Champions League.

“Maybe it’s because Inter won everything and I’m an Interista.

“And another thing comes to mind: we beat Italy 3-0 in the 2009 Confederations Cup and we won it.

“Maybe that’s why he’s torturing himself. Furthermore, at international level, he hasn’t won anything.

“In conclusion, saying certain things is unprofessional. This is disrespect. I’ll stop here and won’t add anything else – certain things must remain in the changing rooms.”

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Balotelli added, “At least I have the sincerity and courage to say things face to face,”

“You’ve had plenty of opportunities since 2013 to behave like a real man but you didn’t – who knows what you will say one day about your current team-mates.

“Strange captain. If that’s what it means to be a champion, I prefer not to be – and I never disrespected the blue jersey.”