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Don’t Force Gyan To Retire From The Ghana National Team – Polo


Gyan AsamaohEx Ghana playmaker, Mohammed Polo has come out to say that he believes Asamoah Gyan should not be forced to retire from the national team.

Polo recently revealed that Ghana is not known to retire legends, so everyone should let Gyan keep playing if he wants to.

According to him, legends decide on their future and he experienced the same force retirement when he was playing active football.

He added that nobody taught Gyan how to play football so no one should decide when he should quit.

His words, “We don’t retire legends so we should allow him to play,”

“Legends decide on their future. I had the same problem during my stint with Hearts of Oak, they wanted to retire me and that is why I joined Great Olympics.

“Hearts of Oak wanted to retire me at all cost but I told them we don’t retire legends. The truth is that legends retire themselves. No one thought him how to play football and so why do you want him out of the team?

“If CK Akonnor will need him in the team, he should invite him and give the general captain to him because he is the captain now.

“In fact, it won’t work for CK if he invites Gyan and put him on the bench because he has a high spirit.’’


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