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“I Felt Great When I Kissed Kenneth Okonkwo But I Can’t Act Nude” — Actress Chizzy Alichi


Actress Chizzy Alichi has all it takes to join the big girls in Nollywood . Below is her words…
How was your first kiss in the movie?
I have done many kissing scenes with different actors. My first was with Kenneth Okonkwo. It was awesome because I have always admired him; he is my favourite actor so doing the kissing scene with him was great and as a professional and nice guy that he is, he carried me along very well.
To rise fast, can you do a pornographic movie?
Never. I can do any role but I can never go nude or act pornographic film. I want to be a good role model and I will marry someday, give birth to kids. How would they feel to see their mother act such a role? My parents support me but not when it comes to pornography. I can dress very sexy, extremely sexy to shoot a movie but not nude or be a part of a pornographic movie.
Are you still a shy person?
Yes and no. When it comes to the camera, I have built myself around it. I’m no longer shy because I love acting. I do it with passion. But when it comes to my personal life, I am still a very shy girl.


  1. Good one from her. Wheoever engages in acting nude should be regarded as a Nollywood actress.

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