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Footballers Rarely Rest Mentally Or Physically These Days – Pep Guardiola


Pep GuardiolaManchester City manager, Pep Guardiola has come out to say that he prays more of his players will not get injured anytime soon.

He recently revealed that injuries are very inevitable amid the excessive football packed into the calendar.

According to him, even if he loves football, the games have been too much for the footballers and they rarely have a rest mentally or physically nowadays.

He added that coaches have no other choice than to merely hope their players finish matches without problems every week.

His words, “I love football, I love to play football, I love watching it on television – I love everything, but it’s too much,”

“I know the business but it’s too much for the players. The players don’t have a rest mentally or physically.

“This is going to happen because they are not consulting with anyone. There are 365 days and you have to put all the competitions and all the games [in], and especially right now with what happened last season with Covid-19, it’s reduced the calendar so it’s more difficult – but it’s too much.

“It’s too much for everyone, at least for the teams who play in Europe – for the other ones maybe it’s less.

“You finish the season and you start another one, you finish the season and you start another one. I would love to play a lot of games, to play during eight, nine or 10 months an incredible amount of games is okay, but you have to take a break for one or two months and make a good preparation to protect the players.”

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“To have a pre-season like it was before of five or six weeks that can relax minds and players can enjoy their own lives, but now you have 10 or 15 days you have to start again,”

“You go to the pre-season and you have to win the pre-season, you have the Community Shield, you have the first games and that’s why the players get injured, so it’s normal.

“It’s no secret so you just pray every day and [hope] everyone finishes the game without a problem. But it is what it is.”


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