Home Sports Gernot Rohr Must Try New Players Vs Algeria – Victor Ezeji

Gernot Rohr Must Try New Players Vs Algeria – Victor Ezeji

Gernot Rohr
Gernot Rohr
Retired Nigeria striker, Victor Ezeji has come out to say that the final result of the Super Eagles friendly match vs Algeria will be no big deal.

He recently revealed that the big deal would be when the managers decide to try new faces in their different teams.

According to him, it will not make sense for Rohr to not try new players for the game because the country has absolutely nothing to lose.

He added that there will be lots of opportunities to revenge vs Algeria for the AFCON disappointment, but now is not the time.

His words, “For me, it’s a friendly game and it’s an opportunity for the manager to try new players so it’s not about the result but trying to see if the new players can gel,”

“A situation where we have friendly games but can’t test players won’t be nice. It’s a friendly game and we have nothing to lose.”

“We have many opportunities for revenge on Algeria when we are in a proper competition but this is just a friendly game,”

“The result means nothing. We could beat Algeria 10-0, it’s nothing as far as I’m concerned, but the most important thing is testing new players invited to the camp.”


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