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Gloria Bamiloye Is Still The Innocent Girl I Married – Mike Bamiloye

Mike-Bamiloye and his wife
Mike-Bamiloye and his wife
Popular Nigerian pastor, Mike Bamiloye has come out to flaunt a throwback engagement picture of his wife, Gloria.

The famous minister recently shared this to mark their 32nd wedding anniversary.

According to him, his wife deserves lots of praise for how far they have come because she has remained the innocent and humble girl he married several years ago.

He added that their families were initially skeptical about their marriage but they were both determined to spend their lives together forever.

His words, “Very Innocent and humble girl. Age: 24 Years old. The man she said she would marry had no tangible job but acting of drama up and down. The families were so skeptical and would have rejected this plan, but these young boy and girl said they wanted to marry.”

“Me: 28 Years Old. Full-time drama minister and no other job. Owing my Landlord about nine months house-rent at the time I entered into full-time ministry.”

“It was families who rose up to support this wedding o. Because, me, I had nothing. No money, no nothing. If you see what this Innocent Girl has passed through in the hand of a man who had no tangible job in hand but to be acting drama up and down…”


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