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I Almost Lost My Life Over A Peaceful #EndSARS Protest – BBNaija’s Jeff

BBNaija's Jeff
BBNaija’s Jeff
BBNaija housemate, Jeff Nweke has come out to share a shocking clip that captures Nigeria Police Force attacking him and other #EndSARS protesters in Abuja.

He recently revealed that he has never been more scared of losing his life until the attack he experienced today.

According to him, he is still surprised because it was a peaceful protest and he never expected to hear “KILL THEM, KILL THEM” from policemen who should be protecting citizens.

He added that even when he ran for his life and rushed into a friend’s car, the officers still rammed into the vehicle intentionally.

His words, “I have never been more afraid of losing my life than today. And by who ? The Nigeria Police.”

“I’m still in shock, we came out to protest in peace and when we stopped and knelt down they began shooting tear-gas canisters at us and advanced continuously towards us with their huge trucks, beating some of us and screaming, “KILL THEM, KILL THEM”!!!”

“I managed to get myself to a friend’s car and when the lead police truck spotted me trying to get in, he rammed into the car intentionally.”


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