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I Have No Problem With Kaffy – Davido


davido2-300x172Davido has responded to Kaffy’s outburst on Instagram where she calls him a ‘motherf**ker’.

The award-winning artiste told Planet Radio TV he was shocked to see her video.

“I don’t have any problem with her,” he said.

“I was even shocked to see that, you know I’m always used to be being the victim”.

Kaffy issued a harsh message to Davido on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 via Instagram.

In a video post, the popular dancer said Davido had fired some dancers as they were about to take the stage after practicing for weeks and him agreeing to work with them.

“This message goes to Mr Omo Baba Olowo…. Please help me tell him he is a motherf*cker from all dancers all over the country, ” she said in the video.

Meanwhile it seems as though Davido holds no grudges towards the dancer. When asked what he say when next he sees Kaffy, he said:

“I’ll be like hey, hello, what’s up – I hope there’s no problem”.

In the meantime Kaffy has issued an apology for her outburst. She explained via Instagram on October 27, 2016 that Davido’s attitude towards the dancers was the final straw and it was time for people to start respecting dancers.

She posted an image of herself with other dancers with the caption:
I have no problem with Kaffy”I want to start by apologizing profusely for my profanity. It’s not how I roll .i am one person who promote discipline and respect among dancers towards their clients and one another”.

Kaffy also dabbles into music, as her husband ‘Papi J Ameh’, is also a drummer and an artiste signed to Peter Okoye’s P-Classic Records.