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I Hope There Will Be A Coronavirus Vaccine Very Soon – Aguero

Sergio AgueroManchester City striker, Sergio Aguero has come out to say that players are scared of the risk that comes with restarting football during the pandemic.

The Argentine recently revealed that several players are scared of resuming and it is mostly because majority of them have children, family and parents to look after.

According to him, when matches are done and the footballers return home, it could be a tense situation for them and their loved ones because transmission could happen.

He, however, added that he hopes there will be a vaccine for the virus very soon so that the pandemic can be over once and for all.

His words, “The majority of players are scared because they have family; they have children, they have babies, parents,

“When we go back, I imagine that we will be very tense, we will be very careful, and the moment someone feels ill, you will think: ‘What’s gone on there?’

“I hope there is a vaccine so all this ends. It does scare me, but I have just been here with my girlfriend. I haven’t had contact with other people.”

“They say that there are people who have it but who don’t have symptoms and they can infect you,”

“That’s why I’ve stayed at home. You can be infected, and you don’t know anything about it.

“Fifteen days ago, we were told about a return date [to training] and that was May 4. Now there is a new meeting. It will be difficult to play the Champions League in August.”