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I Never Imagined That I’d Be Successful At Man City – David Silva

David SilvaManchester City midfielder, David Silva has come out to say that his team-mates at the club have made his EPL journey a memorable one.

David recently revealed that he has always tried to do his absolute best to succeed in Manchester and he is happy that it happened via hardwork and quality teammates.

According to him, looking back on everything he has achieved, he never imagined in his wildest dreams that things would turn out this way.

He added that he never dreamt of this success as a youngster and he is very grateful for the opportunity given to him by City.

His words, “I arrived here having just won the World Cup. It was a change in country, league, language and everything was quite tough, but my team-mates welcomed me and really looked after me and after a few months I settled in.

“I have always tried to do my absolute best, to always behave well and I have tried to work very hard too. I hope that people have enjoyed my football for all of these years.”

“When I look back at everything I have achieved I could never have imagined it, even in my wildest dreams.

“When you are young you don’t dream about all of this. You dream about becoming a footballer, a professional footballer, you dream of playing in the top flight. But you never think about all the things that you could possibly achieve.”