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I’ll End My Life Once I’m Done With My Current Music Project – Azealia Banks


Azealia BanksPopular rapper, Azealia Banks has left fans worrying about the state of her well being.

She recently shared several suicidal messages on social media and a lot of well-wishers have been reacting.

According to her, she plans to seek voluntary euthanasia to end it all as soon as she is done with the music she is currently working on.

She then blasted her friends and family who have ulterior motives in taking an interest in her personal life.

Her words, “You b****es are so f***ing funny,’ ‘Like you b****es are really funny, like really f***ing funny.”

“You know, you’re reaching out to management and all that other s*** under the guise of concern but really it’s just a story grab b**** – get the f*** out of here!”

“Like even if I do decide to f***ing kill myself, OK, treat it like how you treat everything else Azealia Banks … ignore, it ignore it, ignore it.”

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