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Is Kim Kardashian Wearing Blackface?


Kim Hype 6Kanye’s baby mama is accused of darkening her skin in an ad promoting her new line of beauty products.

According to The Sun (no, not that one; the one that’s a British newspaper), Kim Kardashian sent a tweet publicizing her Kim Kardashian West Beauty Kit, focused on contouring and highlighting:

But as soon as people saw the photo, people noticed something fishy. It seemed as if KK looked a little too melanated, and black Twitter called her out. (And you know black Twitter is its own detective squad, like if Columbo worked at CSI. If the FBI hired black Twitter to look into Donald Trump’s Russia ties, all this collusion b.s. would be over by next Tuesday.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking: that even if Kim Kardashian darkened her skin for a photo, they’re being hysterical about nothing. That they’re trying to redefine the word. That their interpretation of “blackface” is very loose: